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"Sounds like the rantings of a daydream believer."
--My English teacher, commenting on a Monkees parody of Swift's "A Modest Proposal" (written by me.)

Page updated: 4/16/03

The primary reason I don't update any more is that I just don't have anything new to give.  I'm sorry.  I've exhausted my creative ideas for this site, and while I do still write a little fanfic, most of it languishes away unfinished.  My apologies to the friends of GCF.  However, I'm not going to shut her down, not after all the work I have put into this.  But I am shutting down the survey and I wouldn't expect any updates in the future, near or otherwise.

As it is, it seems that Monkeemania has died down yet again.

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4/16/03- Results
9/30/02- DCA concert pics (MonkeeMania 2002)
9/30/02- Sightings
9/05/02- TV Show--Second Season
8/02/02- Gallery
7/31/02- Art : The Thunder Rumbling series and a picture of Micky
6/22/02- Dreams
6/06/02- TV Show--First Season
2/25/02- Pop Music: The Most?  Or Just a Mess? , Articles

Mike:  Like the suit?  I picked it out myself.

Mike | Micky | Davy | Peter
The survey and/or interview repository, except for those I've already typed up and put elsewhere, like the Monkee-files.
What Kind of Girl Likes The Monkees?
If you like *insert name of fave here*, you are....
The Monkee-files
A groovy look into the minds of our fave foursome.
Vintage Monkee Rumors
Straight outta Monkees Spectacular, we bring you the rumor mills of 1968.
Monkee Art
Fan art, my fan art more specifically, and... well, *I* think it's pretty good.
Established June 2000, Closed as of April 2003

Tru fax and fab pix from the media at large.
But mostly from Tiger Beat's Monkees Spectaculars.
Photo-junkie heaven.
Writing Wrongs
My fanfic section, small as it may be.
Concert, CD, etc.
Micky Concert Pictures
See Micky and Coco, as of 9/9/00
Peter Tork and the Shoe Suede Blues Concert Pictures
August 10th, 2001.
MonkeeMania 2002 Concert Pictures
August 23, 2002
Can You Dig It?
Crazy weird stuff.
TV Show - First Season (Quotes)
TV Show - Second Season (Quotes)
Quotes, commentary, bloopers, etc. from the TV show
TV Music Index
By song, an index of the songs that appeared in the original run of the TV show with episode, albums, and type (Romp, Video, Performance, etc..).
Random Monkee Thoughts
The things that go through my head... Be afraid.
Random Monkee Stuff
Strange little bits an' pieces, mostly bizarre little Monkee-related anecdotes.
Monkee Dreams
The name explains itself, doesn't it?
Monkee Sightings
Spotting the Monkees' influence on Pop culture.
The Perry Mason Connection
My Collection
All the things Monkees that I have spent my money on
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I removed the Open Letter that was here because, well, I think it's time has certainly passed.

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(PS- If ya don't already know, Good Clean Fun is a song- a smartass title from Mike.  Some producer told him the way to make hits was to write songs that were "Good clean fun," and in typical Mike fashion, the title has nothing to do with the song itself.  See The Monkees Present.)