Random Monkee Stuff
Whammo!  (<--Why did I just say that?  I have no idea.)
I went and changed this around again.  Now it's little Monkees anecdotes. (Stories from my/your life, dig?)  If you'd like to share, use the newly revamped feedback form.
My mind wanders so much it comes back with souvenirs.

I find now that a lot of the fanmail my mom read was propositions (more "I'm not a virgin but I'm not a slut and I'm interested in you") from Star Collectors, if ya get my drift.
I am SOOOO proud of myself! Hasn't anyone else noticed the Top 100 button spelling errors?  I emailed topsites and they're gonna fix 'em.
Okay, not strictly Monkees-related, but I just found out that Frank Zappa and I share a birthday.  That is so cool!
"Saturday's Child" just signed my guestbook and reminded me of something.  When I was little, I was always a little unhappy that I was born on Tuesday, so Micky wasn't in love with me.  (Actually, I didn't really care that much, Davy was my man then!)  (Still, I never thought I was "always on the go".  I have the right lyric, don't I?  How embarassing if I was using the wrong day of the week, but I'm too lazy to do any sort of checking.)
1/22/01-- "Sagittarius (Nov. 22- Dec. 21):
People talk about you, write to you, some urge you to move to a foreign country.  Capricorn plays a surprising role."
Right.  So, I'm waiting for Mike (or Davy, though I'd prefer Mike) to email me and ask me to run away with him to... I dunno, India with him.  Sydney Omarr says so, and there's the proof right there.
Uh, I typed this once, then Netscape quit on me, so here I go again.  I told my friends I thought we should plaster my former English teacher's classroom with Monkee pics, since he's a devout Beatles fan.  They thought it was a good idea.  Oh, and one of my nonMonkee friends suggested a Monkees/Beatles weekend to watch Hard Days Night, Help, Yellow Submarine, and HEAD.  Cool!  (I myself long for an eppie marathon.)
Did I mention my mom used to babysit (as a teenager) for a woman who answered fan letters?  Yep, this lady did a whole bunch of people, and she was probably one of the many people who sent the little "Sorry we can't reply in person" cards out.  Naughty Mommy used to read them, and she said Davy was frequently propositioned.  Eeep.
Yet another bizarre tale from my childhood:
You know the jokes about Micky only knowing how to train elephants during I'm Gonna Buy Me a Dog?  Well, I think my parents tried to explain to me that Micky used to act in the television show "Circus Boy".  Somehow, I misunderstood, because for years and years, I thought Micky really was raised in the circus.
Cute Monkees Story!
For as long as I can remember, I've had this tape made from the Monkees and More of the Monkees LPs.  When I was in Kindergarten or thereabouts, I added a little "This was just the Monkees" thing to the end of one side.  There's also a conversation with my dad taped on there, too.
Dad: So it looks like, uh, your mom and Louise are thinking of starting a Brownie troop.
Little Me: *skeptical* Really?  *to radio* This was just the Monkees.
Dad: Both the mothers would be the leaders, and there's a Monkee merit badge.  *pause*  If you can say the words to five Monkees songs, you get a little badge to wear on your sash that has all the Monkees on it.
Me: *admonishing* Daddy!
Dad:  I'm just kidding, aren't I?
Me: Yeah, you are!

Isn't that cuuuuute?
The World's Greatest Misheard lyric, courtesy my mom:
Shades of Gray
We had never lived with dope or tasted beer
(real lyric: We had never lived with doubt or tasted fear)