The video

Well.  I just finished watching the JUSTUS video which just got delivered today, April 17th, 2001, so here are my first impressions:
They rely heavily on little clippy shots from HEAD, which is groovy.  I think I can understand why...  I mean, come on... "Hmm, let's go through nearly 30 hours of our TV show, or we can watch 2 hours of HEAD..."  What are they gonna choose?  It's especially cool during the new Circle Sky video.
I hate the song "Let's Run Away From Life".  So yeah, I knew this before, but I didn't like the video either.  Davy is so cornball sometimes, y'know, so sappy...  The best parts of this vid were where Mike smiled at the cameras.
The Nesmith Wink is still deadly.
Micky is the biggest perv, but in a funny, endearing way.  I've noticed this a little bit in the Heart and Soul video.  But wait, is Mike a bigger perv?  I mean, he wears the glasses ALL THE TIME and doesn't let on, whereas Micky really checks people out.
I want my astrological sign to be 'Wheat'!

I think Mike mentions his constellations in Neftoon Zamora, or maybe I just read that in a fic.
I still love Mike, even though he's older than my dad, I love him, I love him, I love him!
I wish Mike would reunite again, but I guess I understand why he doesn't.
Check out the new piece of Micky's drum set during the You and I video.

FINAL ANALYSIS: OMG, I looooooove this video!  While Heart and Soul has more rare '60s Monkee footage, I enjoyed this video a lot more.  (That is, enjoying the actual video and not just laughing at the crazy '80s hair and... Davy in zebra spandex and a neon pink thongy thing.)  Part of it is my fanatical love of Mike...  But I thought this one was good.  Heart and Soul had some unnecessary stuff like video of a girl who won a contest to meet the 3kees.  H&S has it's moments, but I prefer Justus.  I recommend it.

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