That "Love" Girl
Chapter Seven
By Rachel Rene

    "So, Mary," Kari asked her new roommate as she handed a wet dish to Mary to dry.  It had been almost two weeks since Mary moved in.
    "Yes," Mary answered, rubbing the plate with a damp towel and setting it into the drawer.
    "How do you like the Monkees?  They're pretty groovy, huh?" Kari paused, then added wryly, "Especially Micky."
    Mary nearly dropped the dish in her hand, and looked up surprised at Kari.  Then, noticing her expression, laughed along with her.  "Yeah, I like Micky.  He's just so...I don't know, adorable.  Ya know?"
    Kari nodded, smiling to herself.  She handed over the last glass to Mary, and put the washcloth in the sink.  Looking up thoughtfully, she sighed.  "And ya know what else?"
    "Huh?" Mary asked as she put the glass in the cupboard and hung up the towel.
    Kari looked towards Mary and smiled sheepishly, blushing.  "Nothing..."
    "Oh come on, tell me!  If we're gonna share a house, we better learn to trust each other, so why not start here?" Mary begged, "Please?  I won't tell, I promise."
    "Okay, but in the living room.  On the couch.  I think I need to sit down."

    Meanwhile, a few houses down, at the Monkee's pad, Micky lied down on the couch, sighing.
    "Mick, ya gotta stop thinkin' 'bout that girl.  She's just a couple'a houses down the street, now go an' ask 'er out if ya wanna see 'er so bad."
    "Who're you to tell me about getting a girl?  How many girls have I seen you bring back here, huh?" he snapped back.  Mike opened his mouth, and Micky added, "Karisma doesn't count."
    With an evil grin, Mike answered, "No, you haven't seen me bring back a girl." He gave Micky a wink and walked out of the room.

    As Kari led Mary to the couch, she sat down and stared at the floor.  Mary put a hand on Karisma's shoulder and asked, "So what's up babe?  Something's bothering you."
    Kari shook her head, "I don't know.  I'm not exactly sure what to do..."
    "About what?" Kari looked at Mary and made her promise not to tell anyone what she was about to say.  "You have my word.  Now spill it."
    "Well," Kari took a deep breath and began telling her new friend about herself.

    "I'll just go over, knock on the door, and say that I forgot something there when we helped Kari unpack."
    "Or," Peter suggested, "You could tell her the truth, and say you haven't been able to sleep a wink or think a thought without your heart aching to see her again."
    "Wow, Pete.  You sound like you know exactly what I'm going through."
    "I do." Peter got up and left Micky to think about what he said.  Davy walked in, just home from a date with one of the girls he met at the Orange Ballerina.
    "Still thinkin' 'bout Mary, Mick?" he asked as he threw his jacket over the couch slumped to sit next to him, exhausted from a full day of dancing (and other things).
    "Yeah... It strange, I can't stop thinkin' about 'er.  No matter how much I try.  I  can't bring myself to go talk to her either.  What if she doesn't feel the same way about me?  What if she isn't what I think she is?  I'm afraid to find out."
    "Well, you're going to 'ave to sooner or lateh, she lives only a few 'ouses down.  Plus she lives with our new best friend."
    "Yeah.  I'll go see her tomorrow I guess."
    Davy raised his eyebrows, "You guess?  'Ave you forgotten that we 'ave a gig tomorrow at the Orange Ballerina?  Meaning Kari's gonna be working there, meaning Mary's gonna be there too.  So you will see 'er tomorrow, and you will ask 'er out on a date, and she will say yes, and you will both get off my back for at least one night!"
    Micky stared after Davy as he left the room, and called to him, "What do you mean?!"  He shook his head and got up, "All of you guys are hidin' something from me..."

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