I Saw Micky in Concert!
I talked to him.  He signed my stuff.  He called my friend "darling".  Wow.

Look!  He signed my Headquarters Sessions box!

It was so cool.  Coco was there, too.  I was right up front, singing along and clapping on every song.  It's now the morning after, and my voice sounds lower and my hands hurt.  I met some neat people, and I met Micky (well, okay, he'd never recognize me if I ever saw him again.  I was one of the huge line of people hoping to get his autograph.)  (I did, as you can see.)

Martha and I made our way up front after the Grass Roots finished their set.  We'd met some women earlier who'd invited us to stand with them during Micky's set, and it was a good thing, too, or else we would never have been able to get close.  (We could have gotten right up against the stage, but we wouldn't be able to see anything, let alone take pictures.)

He started with Last Train to Clarksville, of course.  Everybody was singing along.  *Everybody.*  Same thing with Steppin' Stone.  Then he talked about Mike's songwriting *lots of screams, people love Mike, especially me* and played The Girl I Knew Somewhere.  Coco sang Different Drum, and she was incredible.  I mean, wow, she is really good.  Micky joked about Davy's height and lowering the microphone before singing A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You, and I was unfortunately reloading film at the time and didn't get a picture of him imitating Davy.  He also mentioned Jimi Hendrix opening for the Monkees and asked how many people knew that it had happened.  I clapped and cheered, since I've read "Hey, Hey, We're the Monkees" (and I got it signed!)  To show us what it was like to have Hendrix play at their concert, Micky played Purple Haze, and got to "Excuse me while I..." when Coco and the other band members started screaming "Davy, Davy!"  "Micky, Mike, Peter, Davy!"  "We want the Monkees!" and "I want my money back!"  He finished the song after making a few more jokes about kids in the audience asking their parents why Jimi was setting his guitar on fire, etc.  He also played Circle Sky, which was almost strange...  He didn't have the same timing on it that Mike does, so at points you could hear that rather a lot of the audience was singing along.  At one point, Coco threw him a towel.  (He was sweating, okay?)  He acted like he was going to throw it into the audience, and there was a collective gasp.  "Are you kidding?  This things goin' on eBay!"  (I'm now realizing that I don't know the exact order of the songs.  I'm putting these in as I remember them.)  He did That was Then, This is Now, Coco sang Run Away, Micky sang Too Much Monkey Business, Goin' Down, and closed with I'm a Believer.  I'm a Believer was pretty awesome, with everyone jumping up and down, clapping, singing, screaming "I love you, Micky!", holding up signs, etc.  Afterwards, we chanted "Mi-cky, Mi-cky!" for probably more than a minute, but the radio personality people tried to calm us down.  "Micky would love to come back out, but we have a tight schedule."  Then they spent five minutes trying to banter cutely about the Ford Mustangs they were going to give away on the radio station.   Grrrr.

Peter Noone played too, and he was pretty groovy.  Guys his age should probably not wear leather pants, though.  He joked about borrowing them from Bobby Sherman, and how lots of people would love to get into Bobby Sherman's pants.  *Ha, ha.*  Actually, he was very funny.  We went back up to our seats about midway through his set, then decided to check the autograph line.  Lucky we checked when we did, because the line for Micky's autograph was already huge and getting longer by the second.  I waited while Martha got the stuff we wanted signed and we probably waited 25 minutes for signing to start, then probably 20 more to get up to Micky.  Micky's line was longest.  I finally got up there, and I was too awestruck to really say anything.  He took my Headquarters Sessions box and said "Oh, you got one of the new ones, huh?" and I nearly lost the band when he handed it back to me.  I had him sign my book, too.  Martha got her ticket stub and her new copy of Greatest Hits signed.  She walked away in an almost trance like state and said "Micky Dolenz called me 'darling'."  Unfair!

I had such an incredible time.  It was great.  Fabulous.  Wow.


© GCF-Ellen Barnhart, 9/10/00