That "Love" Girl
Chapter Eight
By Rachel Rene

    At the Orange Ballerina, Karisma and Mary sat at a booth before it opened.  Kari was already in her uniform, and Mary was discussing what they talked about last night with her.
    "So are ya gonna tell 'im tonight?" Mary asked, sympathy in her eyes.
    Kari licked her lips and shrugged.  "It depends on where the night will take us.  If something comes up...I hope something comes up."
    "You can't put this off forever, you know.  He'll have to know.  They'll all have to know if you want this to work."
    "I know," Kari nodded, "But I can't help but wish I could've just-"  Karisma stopped talking when she noticed the Monkees walking in the restraunt.  They noticed the two girls and all sat down with them.  Mike sat at the end, then Peter, and Davy.  Kari was in between Davy and Mary, and Micky slipped on the other side of Mary.  She watched him as he sat next to
her, and she smiled at him nervously.
    "Hey babe," Micky sorta half waved.
    "Hi...Micky.  Y-you look nice today...Micky."
    "Ya really think so?  Thanks, you too...Mary."  They both laughed a little.
    Davy nudged Kari's knee under the table and she leaned over as he whispered, "They seem to be hitting it off just charming."
    Kari smiled as she added, "Yeah, if only they would admit it to each other.  I mean, it's been two stinkin' weeks and they're both obviously gaga over each other, yet they refuse to say anything to each other."
    Jake stopped by the table and announced, "You guys better start tuning and stuff soon, we open in ten."
    "'Kay, they'll be right there." Kari assured, and Jake walked off to talk to some other employees.  "Well, looks like ya guys gotta go.  See ya later."
    They all stared at her.  "Cool it man, er woman, we have time." Peter said, "We were just talking for a few minutes."
    Kari looked past them at Wayne, coming to the table.  She hurriedly pushed them to get off the seat, "Yeah, well ya heard Jake, he said you gotta start now.  Mary, you can help them.  Now go."
    Mike looked and saw Wayne starting towards them, and he smiled wryly.  "Hey guys, I think our little miss Love here is in love.  C'mon, let's let them talk."  They filed out of the booth and Kari put her hair behind her
ear, sitting up straighter.
   "Hey Kar."
    "Oh!  Hi Wayne!" she said a little too enthusiastically.  She realized how stupid she sounded and tried to tone it down.  "Um, would you like... to join me?  Sitting this table.  Alone."  She cringed at hearing herself talking like a fool.
    "Sure." Wayne smiled and sat down next to her.  He scooted closer to her, and she scooted a little away.  He looked at her for a moment, then scooted even closer, and put his arm around her.  Now she was feeling a little uncomfortable, and didn't know what to do.  This wasn't like Wayne, the two weeks she'd been there he'd been nothing but a really nice guy that she had a slight crush on.  Wayne's arm started to move down, and he glanced around a bit to make sure no one was looking.  Paralyzed with fear of what he was doing, Kari couldn't do or say anything.
    He turned towards her and put his hand on her leg, gently rubbing it, and moving slowly up.  The hair stood on the back of Kari's neck, and she tried desperately to find her voice.  Wayne moved his arm that was around her and put it up the back of her top.  At this she couldn't take it anymore, she finally snapped out of it.
    "Stop, Wayne."
    He kept on going, but he had a slight smile on his face, "What's the matter sweet cakes?  Don't you like it?"
    "No.  I'm not that kind of girl, now please stop."
    "What are ya gonna do about it?" he whispered in her ear as he slipped his hand under her bra.
    "This," she said as she knocked his hand away and punched him in the face.  He fell out of the booth, and groaned as he rubbed his jaw.  He started getting up, then fall back again.  By now everyone in the place was looking.    "Keep your filthy hands to yourself.  And don't you ever, ever try to pull something like that on me again!  Ya hear?" she yelled as she kicked him in the stomach.  She didn't start rubbing her hand until she was away from him.  Her hand stung so much, she thought it would take weeks to heal.
    Mike ran up to her and asked as he held her arms, and looked into her eyes, "Are you alright, hon?  He tried somethin' on ya, huh?"
    She nodded, and didn't even try to hide the tears that were now flowing down her cheeks.  All of the Monkees and Mary were beside her now, and Jake was over with Wayne trying to figure out what happened.
    "Well you sure gave it to 'im.  I don't think 'e'll be doing anything like 'at again any time soon." Davy assured and put a hand on her shoulder, then quickly putting it back down again.
    Kari fell into Mike, putting her arms around his waist and her head to his chest, shaking as she sobbed.  She held her eyes shut tight.  He sighed and wrapped his arms around her, resting his chin on the top of her head.  "It's all right, sugar.  He just gave ya a real scare.  I'm sorry I wasn't there ta help ya, really.  I won' let anythin' happen to you again."
    "We're all sorry, Kari." Mary rubbed her back to let her know she was there.  "C'mon, let's go home.  You've had a tough night already, and I don't think Jake will object to letting you have the night off."
    "Okay," Kari's voice was muffled through Mike's shirt.  She sighed and lifted her head, smiling weakly at Mike.  "Thank you.  Thank all of you." she said as she turned towards the others.
    Jake arrived at the group and asked, "I have a feeling I'm not getting the straight story with Wayne.  What happened, Kar?"
    "Well, I feel like a complete idiot, I can tell you that.  I actually thought Wayne was a nice guy, with nice looks, and I had a nice chance of liking him.  Well, I was totally wrong.  I invited him to sit with me so we could talk, and he-" she looked around and sighed, "Let's just say that I was his prey and he went for the kill.  With an elephant gun."
    "I can't believe he would do something like that.  He's been my friend for a while, and I never realized he was such jerk."
    "Well, you've also never been a pretty girl in a booth alone with him, either," Micky muttered.
    "Yeah, it's scary how guys can turn into creeps just when you think you're safe with them." Mary said, unconsciously looking at Micky.  He noticed, and opened his mouth to protest something, then thought better of it.  "Let's go home, you need to take some time off, I think."  Kari just nodded.
    "You can rest assured I'll have to give Wayne a good talking to," Jake told her, "Then a good boot out the door.  You'll never see him again, don't worry."
    The six kids left the restraunt, all frightened about what had happened that night, none of them daring to mention anything the whole way home.

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